9F Optimization

9F’s Healthy Buildings Optimization Program centers on verifying best-in-class indoor environmental quality. It is built to serve organizations that are committed to taking meaningful action to promote the health, well-being, and performance of building occupants.

9 Foundations Healthy Buildings Optimization Program

A Shield is a Distinction

The Healthy Buildings Optimization Program Shield is a designation of the property’s enrollment in 9F’s Healthy Buildings Optimization Program. This Shield is intended to be displayed on a building façade as a visual representation of the priority placed on the health and the property’s pursuit of optimizing the indoor environment for all occupants.

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Beacon Capital Partners

Beacon Capital Partners and 9F’s Healthy Buildings Optimization Program

9F’s Healthy Buildings Optimization Program enhances Beacon’s ESG efforts. The program includes an annual cycle comprised of the four core healthy buildings assessment strategies. Participating buildings have tailored support from 9F to promote best-in-class scores across each of the assessment criteria and also receive engagement and communications support to disseminate the healthy buildings strategies and successes to all stakeholders.