Healthy Buildings.Built on Science.

Now more than ever, the world is aware of how the indoor environment influences our health. Are your buildings ready for the new norm?

At 9 Foundations, we drive cutting-edge research into practice with customized healthy buildings solutions and support.

With our strategic advising, the people in your building will join the millions across the globe who work, live, and learn in spaces we’ve made healthier.

Health Intelligent Buildings start with the right tools.

The 9F Healthy Buildings Suite brings you a full range of software and digital solutions, created to address all aspects of healthy buildings and rooted in cutting-edge science and research. Explore how 9F makes it simpler to achieve a Health Intelligent Building in any space, anywhere in the world.

In-field assessments of acquisitions to identify the presence or absence of key indicators

Expert feedback to optimize worker health and well-being in the building

Integrate proactive strategies that promote upstream preparedness for unforeseen public health crises

Science-based strategies for promoting health at the building level

Guidelines for new and existing buildings

Tools for owners, developers, investors, and tenants

Evaluate health performance holistically across the building portfolio

Track progress toward health optimization

Prioritize investments for high impact

Visualize results and extract actionable recommendations

Verify healthy building performance through real-time IAQ data collection

Track the "pulse" of the building

Merge smart and sustainable solutions

Incorporate employee feedback into the building user experience

Evaluate program success

Enhance workplace experience

Leverage data to gain valuable ESG metrics

Track health-relevant information

Support climate and equity goals

Quantify the health and climate co-benefits of green building investments

Expert Services

  • Climate Co-benefits
  • COVID-19 Response
  • Crisis Response
  • Environmental Health & Safety Consulting
  • ESG
  • Expert Legal Work
  • R&D Support
  • Real-time Air Quality Sensor
  • Return to Work
  • Sick Buildings
  • Technology Evaluations
Demo Dashboard

With the 9F Healthy Buildings Platform, data and reports about the health of your building are always at your fingertips. The platform brings our entire suite of tools together on an intuitive, web-based dashboard for easy access.

New York City’s largest all-electric tower with net-zero operational emissions will exceed the highest standards in sustainability

The Foster + Partners-designed building will offer 2.5 times more ground-level outdoor space, feature an expansive public plaza with street-level green spaces and use healthy building principles to set new standards for employee wellness and hospitality.

“Designed with a health-first mindset in all aspects, this project proves you can have both excellent indoor air quality for occupants, while also addressing sustainability goals that improve the health of the community by reducing impacts on the planet. This building sets new standards of excellence for healthy building in New York City and around the world.”

- Dr. Joseph Allen
Associate Professor and Director of the Healthy Buildings program at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and CEO of 9 Foundations